The Best Portable Hammocks

The Best Portable Hammocks


Not everyone wants to go the old-fashioned route and sleep in a tent. Though tents are classic accommodation, some of us want to be able to immerse ourselves in the wilderness around us.

This is when the hammock comes in handy. Not only can you spend your days swaying back and forth in it, but you can also sleep in it at night, literally falling asleep under the starry night sky.

For those that want to keep their backpacks light and their trip as simple as possible, a hammock will resolve many of those wishes.

How to Choose the Best Portable Hammock


If you’re going to be backpacking, you know the difference between how a couple ounces or pounds can make on your back. Thus, you want to look for a hammock that’s lightweight.

If you’re looking for a solo hammock, there are lots of options to choose from. If you’re looking for a two-person hammock, there are lightweight options, however, in general, they do weigh a little bit more. Overall, you should be focusing on a lightweight option for your hammock.


There’s no need to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a hammock. Of course, the ones that are pricer are usually designed with more features and special material, however, you can find yourself a hammock that’s durable and lightweight without breaking the bank.

If you’re planning on using your hammock a lot, for example, you use it outside of camping, then you will want to invest a little bit more money into it, thus, ensuring that you’ll get lots of use out of it for years to come.

#1 K2 Double Size Camping Hammock

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
9.7 / 10
WeightWeight CapacityDimensionsWeather Resistant
1.5 lbs400 lbs120 x 79.2 inchesYes

You may have heard of the company K2 for their skiing products, however, they’ve recently expanded their products and now include camping and backpacking gear as well.

Their K2 Double Size Camping Hammock is exceptionally designed as it’s made of 210T triple stitched nylon parachute fabric that has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

The suspension lines are made of double braided, high-quality marine grade material which was originally designed for salt-water use, thus, they’re highly resistant to the elements.

The hammock also includes strong and lightweight aluminium D-shaped carabiners that are rust-resistant. All materials with the hammock are shaped without sharp edges to prevent accidental tearing.

The hammock is very large and can easily fit a couple people for lounging. However, it’s ideal for two people if you’re going to be sleeping in it. It’s very easy to setup with your hammock being ready to go within two minutes.

It doesn’t come with suspension straps, so, if you’re worried about skinning the tree then you’ll have to buy them separately. Aside from this, the K2 hammock is one you’ll have full confidence in and comes with lifetime warranty.

It’s a great hammock for those that will be backpacking in the rugged outdoors.

#2 Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
9.4 / 10
WeightWeight CapacityDimensionsWeather Resistant
1 1/2 lbs500 lbs120 x 72 inchesYes

If comfort is high on the necessity list, as it usually is, then you should consider the Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock.

Though all these hammocks are designed for comfort, this company specifically dedicates their time ensuring that their hammocks are all about comfort. So, not only are they comfortable, but they’re also highly affordable and well-made.

This hammock has a legal weight capacity of 500 lbs, though they’ve tested it out successfully with 900 lbs. The hammock is made of Nylon Taffeta with 210 thread count which is usually the thread count for luxury hotel pillows – we’re not joking, this hammock is pretty luxurious in the camping world.

This hammock has the perfect blend of both comfort and durability all in one. It comes with extra nylon straps for extra strength, two carabiners and two 10ft long tactical grade ropes.

In addition, this hammock is also lightweight, weighing only 1 ½ pounds thus, it’s ideal if you’re a hiker or backpacker as you want a hammock that’s lightweight.

It’s also extremely easy to transport and store as it comes in a convenient stuff sac which can double as a carrying bag for your other items as well.

#3 Neolite Double Camping Hammock

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
9.0 / 10
WeightWeight Capacity/b>DimensionsWeather Resistant
1.1 lb400 lbs127 x 79 inchesYes

The Neolite Double Camping Hammock is an excellent option for those that are looking for a budget-friendly hammock. It’s extremely affordable, yet, is also highly-durable and versatile.

Everything you need comes in one nylon stuff sac, making it easy to transport and store. This lightweight hammock does a great job of supporting you while you sleep and is easy to set up, keeping you off the ground at night.

This hammock is designed to give you a comfortable nights rest as it’s large enough to accommodate two people, constructed with parachute nylon making it highly durable, breathable and fast drying.

The parachute fabric is woven with triple interlocking Neolite nylon, thus, you won’t have to worry about falling through your hammock in the middle of the night.

The hammock comes will all the necessities for setting up the hammock, including carabiners, ropes and rope sleeves to protect the trees. As far as this hammock goes for the price, you can’t argue with it.

It’s low cost, however, comes with everything you need in a hammock. It’ll keep you off the ground, warm, secure and will save you a lot of time in setup and takedown.

#4 Hennessy Hammock Expedition

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
8.8 / 10
WeightWeight CapacityDimensionsWeather Resistant
2 lbs250 lbs120 x 59 inchesYes

The Hennessy Hammock Expedition is a great option for those looking for a minimal and lightweight camping hammock for backpackers. It has an asymmetrical shape which allows users to lie completely flat, this is typically more comfortable than the traditional hammock shape.

It comes with a rainfly, bug net and a mesh storage pocket on ridgeline and webbing straps to protect the bark of trees as you don’t want your hammock to damage its surrounding environment.

There’s a bottom entry or side zip model, typically users opt for the side zip model.

Now, this model is not as lightweight as some of the other hammocks created by this brand, however, it’s able to carry 250 lbs of weight.

So, if weight is a concern for you, this may be too heavy to carry, however, if you’re a larger person than this will be a more comfortable hammock to sleep in as the heavier a hammock is, the more durable it is.

The rainfly will ensure that you stay dry throughout the night and the Oxford nylon hammock is weather resistant to all the elements.

It is a little more expensive than your average hammock, but it’s highly durable which is a necessity if you’re going to be using it a lot.

#5 Kammok Roo Double Camping Hammock

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
8.6 / 10
WeightWeight CapacityDimensionsWeather Resistant
1.4 lbs500 lbs120 x 68.4 inchesYes

You may be questioned the name of this hammock and yes, it is an Australian made product that was primarily designed for the military.

The neat part is that they’re a socially responsible company, meaning that they donated treated mosquito nets and health education to ending malaria deaths in Africa.

The hammock itself is ultralight, made out of LunarWave nylon parachute material which is stronger, lighter and softer than typical parachute fabrics.

It’s quite large and when opened is roughly the size of a queen bed which can comfortably fit two people. The Roo Hammock has the weight capacity of 500 lbs and comes with two climbing rated carabiners and two Dyneema slings for proper suspension.

It comes with a stuff sac which means you’ll be able to transport and store your hammock with ease. It’s designed as a two-tone parachute hammock that’s extremely breathable.

It’s easy to set up, as you’ll be able to sling it up between any two trees, adjusting the tree straps to create the perfect width. Make sure you tighten the straps approximately 6 feet above ground to ensure that you don’t brush against the ground while you sleep.

Though it’s slightly more expensive than regular hammocks, it does come with a lifetime warranty as well.

#6 Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
8.4 / 10
WeightWeight CapacityDimensionsWeather Resistant
1.4 lbs400 lbs126 x 60 inchesYes

The Skeeter Beeter Pro is a great hammock that’s extremely budget-friendly.

Though, just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s poor quality. In fact, a hammock is a great option for those on a budget, yet want a hammock that’ll last.

It has a traditional hammock shape, so, it’s not easy to lie completely flat but it’s long enough that your legs can properly stretch out.

Though it is weather resistant, it doesn’t come with a rainfly, so you’ll need to purchase a tarp to protect it from rain and wind. It does come with a mosquito net to protect yourself from nature’s little pests.

It comes with high-quality nautical grade carabiners, starter rope kit and a bug-protection net suspension kit which allows you to easily set up the hammock wherever you please.

The hammock itself is made out of 100% parachute nylon which is highly durable and can withstand all the elements all while being able to support 400 lbs of weight.

This hammock is a great option for those that want a high-quality tent without spending too much money. You’re given everything you need for a safe night under the open sky.

#7 Hammock Bliss No-See-Um No More

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
8.2 / 10
WeightWeight CapacityDimensionsWeather Resistant
1.75 lbs350 lbs90 x 60 inchesYes

If the only thing holding you back from camping are the bugs, well then this will certainly solve your problem.

The Hammock Bliss No-See-Um No More is the perfect solution for giving you a peaceful night without having to swat pesky bugs out of your face. This hammock combines all the features of a camping hammock with an additional mosquito net for extra protection.

The mosquito net in this hammock is slightly different than other as it’s extremely fine that’s made with 2100 holes per inch. In other words, there’s no chance for any bugs to get into your hammock.

The netting covers the entire hammock and includes 100 ft of cord allowing you to hang the netting as high above you as you’d like.

The YKK zippers make it easy for you to enter and exit your hammock and prevent any bugs from getting inside. It comes with stainless steel carabiners which are rust-free and easy to attach to the hammock.

The hammock itself is made out of durable parachute nylon and is large enough to support two adults. You will have to have a warm sleeping bag or pad, as like with all hammocks, your back can become cold since you are exposed.

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