The Best 12 Pup Tents

The Best Pup Tents


Taking your dog camping with you can be a great bonding experience for the both of you. Your dog is going to love being out in the wild, smelling new scents and exploring the new wilderness.

Sure, dogs love the city life but they’re adventurous animals that love running around in the wild off-leash. Of course, during the night, wild animals predators are much more active, meaning that you’ll want to keep your dog somewhere safe and secure.

Looks like you’ll be needing a pup tent. This way, they’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors while also giving you a peace of mind.

How to Choose the Best Pup Tent


You don’t want a large dog to feel cramped and squished in their tent, nor do you want your small dog to feel like they’re sleeping in a cave. Thus, you need to choose a pup tent which matches your dog’s size. If they’re young and are going to grow, then opt for a tent which they’ll be able to grow into. That way, you don’t need to constantly upgrade your tent size as they continue to mature. If you know roughly how big they’re going to get, then aim for a tent in that size.

Type of Dog

The issue when it comes to pup tents is that they’ll be on their own. Now, if your dog is well-mannered and is able to handle staying on their own, then this will work out wonderfully. Typically, dogs who handle pup tents are those that are well trained.

#1 Petego Umbra Portable Pup Tent

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
9.4 / 10
WeightDimensionsWeight CapacityWaterproof
5.6 lbs23 x 23 x 26Depends on SizeYes

The Petego Umbra Portable Pup tent is a great option for those with any size of a dog. In comparison to many other pup tents, this one comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

So, whether you have a small dog, a large dog or a couple dogs, you’ll be able to select the size which suits you. This is a portable pop-up tent which can easily be set-up and taken down.

This is due to its umbrella mechanism which allows you to open it up with one move. It can also be used in cars as a crate as well, so, it’s quite versatile. It comes with a zippered mesh door and windows for proper airflow, visibility, and ventilation.

A great feature of this tent is that the mesh vents are claw proof, so you won’t have to worry about your dog destroying the tent in any way. It’s lightweight, thus, you’ll be able to truck this around with you wherever you go.

The pup tent comes with a travel bag for easy transportation and storage, as well as a rain cover, just in case the weather becomes a little uneasy. It’s a well thought out tent, making it easy for the owner to use and enjoyable for the dog as well.

#2 Alcott Pup Tent

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
9.1 / 10
WeightDimensionsWeight CapacityWaterproof
1.5 lbs32 x 42 x 3150 lbsOnly the Base

If you own a larger dog or cat, then this is another great option for you to consider. The Alcott pup tent is not only budget-friendly but it’s well designed and durable.

The tent is lightweight and features a waterproof base that’ll help keep your dog dry and warm during the night. Though, you’ll want to place a sleeping pillow or blanket underneath of them for extra warmth.

There are five mesh windows which help increase airflow and ventilation and comes with a travel bag for easy transportation and storage.

There is one thing about this tent, it’s not fully waterproof. The base of the tent is waterproof, however, the walls are not. Thus, if it starts to rain, you’ll need an extra rainfly or tarp to cover the tent. What’s great about this tent though, is that it can fit large and medium dogs.

If you have a couple small dogs, they’ll all be able to comfortably fit inside as it’s quite roomy.

#3 Lumsing Pet Tent

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
8.8 / 10
WeightDimensionsWeight CapacityWaterproof
1.75 lbs45 x 32 x 2720 lbsYes

The Lumsing pet tent is a waterproof tent designed for large and medium dogs and cats weighing up to twenty pounds. The tent looks identical to a regular tent.

It has zippered doors with breathable mesh windows for proper ventilation and insect protection. In addition, this tent is made of a high-quality waterproof polyester material that’s durable enough to handle both your dog and the weather it encounters.

The durable fibreglass support rod and the metal stakes make sure that even in windy conditions, your tent isn’t going anywhere. This tent is designed to be multifunctional as it’s moisture proof, dustproof, waterproof, and UV protected, making it an ideal tent if your dog has allergy irritations or sensitive skin.

It’s easy to set up and take down, plus, it comes with a carrying bag which allows you to easily transport it and store it when finished your seasonal camping. It’s a great tent for dogs who prefer a slightly more closed environment and are comfortable in their own surroundings.

In addition, the company also offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction and One-year Warranty. That’s comforting.

#4 Zeckos Portable Pop-Up Tent

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
8.5 / 10
WeightDimensionsWeight CapacityWaterproof
1.7 lbs31 x 31 x 3120 lbsYes

If you’re going to be backpacking or have a small vehicle then you want a pup tent that’s not going to take up a lot of space and weigh you down. Zeckos is a great option as it’s one of the lightest pup tents on the market.

Weighing only 1.7 pounds, you’ll be able to easily fold it up and throw it in your backpack or trunk. It’s made of nylon with four metal ground stakes for durability and stability from wind and rain.

Of course, it’s designed with proper ventilation and comes with a nylon mesh that keeps the bugs out but the fresh air flowing into the tent. There’s a zippered dog for easy access and has plenty of space for your dog’s pillows and blankets.

Though, this pup tent isn’t ideal for all dogs as it only comes in one size. If your dog is 20 pounds or less, then this will work perfectly for them. If your dog is larger, you’ll want a tent which offers more space for them to get cosy in.

If you have a cat that you want to take camping with you, this also works great for cats as well. So, if you have a smaller dog or cat, then this is a great option as it’s also inexpensive.

#5 ESK Collection Pet Tent

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
8.1 / 10
WeightDimensionsWeight CapacityWaterproof
4.5 lbs13.5 x 21 x 3320 lbsYes

The ESK Collection Pet Tent is a lightweight and portable tent and/or playpen. You’ll be able to use it as a tent at night while during the day it can turn into a playpen for your dog.

Of course, this pet tent is ideal for smaller dogs, preferable under 20 lbs. It comes with a carry case and folds completely flat, so you’re able to slide it into small spaces of your car without taking up any room.

The design is simple, yet effective. There are four metal hooks which are placed into the ground which provide the playpen/tent stability throughout the day and night.

The tent is shaped like an octagon, with meshed-windows on each and ceiling, so that your dog has complete visibility and proper ventilation at all times.

There are external storage pouches on the outside of the tent, allowing you to store their toys, leash and poop bags in an organized manner. This tent is specifically great for owners who feel more comfortable with their dog in a non-off-leash space, however, are not comfortable with tying them up around a tree, etc.

They’ll be able to see everything that’s going on, yet, while being safe in their pup tent.

#6 Petego Dog Bag Pup Tent

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
7.8 / 10
WeightDimensionsWeight CapacityWaterproof
7 lbs29.5 x 29.5 x 31.5Depends on SizeYes

Another pup tent from Petego is the Petego Dog Bag Pup Tent. This is another portable and foldable pup tent which easily opens up and closes without any hassle.

It’s ideal for small, medium and large dogs as it comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Thus, you’ll be able to choose a size which suits the size and number of dogs you have travelling with you.

It also works extremely well as a crate for cars, as it has mesh windows for proper visibility and airflow. The integrated sprung steel loops provide a strong structure, so, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it won’t be going anywhere during windy and rainy weather.

The great part of this tent is that it comes with a backpack for easy and light carrying. In addition, you’ll always be able to set up the tent wherever you go as it doesn’t require any actual set up.

#7 Paws & Pals Portable Pop-Up Tent

Price Range
Professional Camping Rating
7.4 / 10
WeightDimensionsWeight CapacityWaterproof
5 lbs48 x 58 x 2420 lbsYes

Similar to the ESK Collection pup tent, this octagon designed tent can be used as either a tent or playpen for your puppy or small dog. It’s a foldable tent which means you’ll be able to save space as this tent folds away neatly and fits into many tight spaces.

The materials are both durable and breathable as its made of water-resistant 600D Nano-Coated Oxford cloth. In addition to the material, the tent is designed with mesh windows for both ventilation and visibility.

It comes with a zippered roll-up entrance door which provides your pet with easy access to the tent. What’s great about this tent is that it’s easy to clean as you just need to wipe down the fabric with a damp cloth or you can place it in the wash – whichever you prefer.

The top and bottom cover are removable, thus, you can turn your tent into a playpen by removing the top cover if you want. On the outside of the tent, it comes with storage pockets so you can keep all your dog’s necessities such as toys, food, treat and meds, neatly organized in one place.

Lastly, the storage bag allows you to keep everything in one spot, making it easier to travel with.

Finally I can take Roger with me on my travels. Need to wash your dog and yourself? Check out my guide to the best camping showers.

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