QuickStove Cube Stove – Full Review

Finally, a stove to suit all my needs – the QuickStove Cube Stove!

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Everyone loves to go camping but not everyone knows what they need to take along with them on a trip. When you’re going camping, you want to bring a couple necessities: tent, food, water, and a portable stove.

These necessities are crucial for providing you with the tools necessary for a memorable and hassle-free camping trip. Whether you’re camping solo, with a partner or in a group, you want a camping stove that’ll be able to cook your food and boil your water.

So, if you’re looking for a camping stove but not sure what you should get, we’re here to review the QuickStove Cube Stove, one of the easiest stoves to take along with you on a camping trip.

QuickStove Cube Stove - Full Review

QuickStove Cube Stove - Full Review


If you’re looking for a small, compact camping stove, then you’ll definitely be considering the QuickStove Cube Stove. What’s amazing about this stove are the features included in the stove. Though you may be thinking it comes with all the extra gizmos and gadgets, you’re wrong. The fact that it’s minimalistic and simple in design is what makes this an outstanding stove.

This stove is designed to assist you to cook your food or boil water whether you’re a solo camper or hiker or in need during an emergency situation. Though nowadays it’s normal for a stove to come with extra features which are deemed high-tech, the QuickStove decided to go back to a simpler design which would be more useful in outdoor situations where you may not have propane or fuel to work a tabletop stove which is traditional for many campers.

One of the best features on the QuickStove stove is its size. Weighing less than one pound, you’ll be able to pop this quick stove in your backpack without feeling a thing, similar to a firebox stove. Thus, it’s ideal for campers or hikers who are looking to reduce the weight they’re carrying in their backpack and the bulk as well.

The weight is a huge appeal for campers and hikers as it’s highly convenient to store, carry and use. So, if you’re experiencing an emergency, you’ll be able to easily cook food, boil water and create heat with the QuickStove. It’s easily placed on the ground or any other surface.

QuickStove Cube Stove

Another main feature is the twelve different positions the stove can be changed into. Every one of the twelve positions can be changed to accommodate different needs. For example, you’re able to cook it fast or slow or adjust it for either a large or small pot or cup. This doesn’t just make it a camping stove, but rather it makes it twelve different tools all in one.

If you’re carrying different types of fuel sources, it’ll be able to accommodate all of them. If you’re using charcoal, a Sterno Can, or wood it’ll be able to keep and support the flame. This is great if you run out of one fuel source but have access to others. Plus, since it uses wood, you’ll be able to use organic sources to fuel a flame. This makes it ideal for emergency situations as you can use alternative fuel sources.

So, whether you’re a solo backpacker or camping with your partner, you’ll be able to adjust the stove to suit your needs. Many times camping stoves aren’t designed to actually suit the needs of all campers, rather, they’re made to work for a general group of people. However, everyone has different needs which are not fully represented in most camping stoves. This is where the QuickStove differs from its competitors as it can be used for emergency and casual camping situations.

Last but not least, the QuickStove can be used over and over again, unlike other disposable stoves. Thus, you’re able to save yourself money and time from continuously purchasing a disposable stove. Instead, with the QuickStove you’re able to use it again and again since it’s made of durable steel and a heat reflective coating.

In addition, you’re able to use a variety of fuel sources such as fuel tablets, sterno can, wood, charcoal, alcohol burner or a fire starter. So, regardless of the materials, you have with you at hand, regardless of the situation, you’ll be able to use the QuickStove.

The stove also features two fire starters, making it easy to start a fire during your camping trip. Though these details may seem minor, they’re extremely important when creating an exceptional stove.

  • Accepts multiple fuel sources (Fuel Tablets, Sterno Can, Wood, Charcoal, Alcohol Burner, Fire Starter)
  • Can be used again and again, unlike other disposable stoves. 4" tall x 4" square, folds to 2.75" tall.
  • Made of durable steel with a heat reflective coating.
  • No assembly. Includes 2 Fire Starter. 12 cooking position …

Weight, Size & Build Materials

The QuickStove Cube Stove is built exceptionally well for a compact and lightweight stove. Many people are hesitant with lightweight products, fearing that the lightness in weight impacts the quality of the product. Though that may be true for some products, it isn’t the case with the QuickStove Cube Stove.

The entire idea behind the stove is to provide users with support during their camping trip whether they’re using it to boil coffee or for an emergency situation. With that being said, though it’s a small stove, measuring only 4” x 4” it’s designed with durable steel that’ll be able to withstand the weight of pots and pans. In addition, the steel body is made with a heat reflective coating to prevent heat from warping it.

Though it’s already small in size, it can compact itself even smaller, folding to 2.75” tall. Through its design, the stove’s function is not diminished in any way when you fold and unfold it.

The hinges make the stove easily transition from its folded form into a fully-functioning stove for your after-hike dinner or warm hot chocolate. Thus, not only is it built with durable and sturdy materials, it’s also designed to suit your lightweight camping needs as well. This gives you the best of both worlds under one amazing design.

QuickStove Cube Stove - Full Review

Highlighted Features
  • WATERPROOF - EASY TO LIGHT even when soaked in water. UNLIMITED STORAGE LIFE making it a must have for outdoor activities and emergencies.
  • Fuel cubes BURN FOR 30-45 MINUTES giving you a total burn time of OVER 50 HOURS.
  • Fire starters burn at over 1,000 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT WITHIN TWO MINUTES, allowing you to BOIL WATER in just minutes …


It’s easy to lose track of your camping equipment when you’re preparing for a trip. We easily get sucked into buying camping gear that even though is necessary, comes with bells and whistles that are simply added weight and come at an extra price.

You don’t need camping gear that’s overpriced or layered with hundreds of features. Instead, what you need are camping equipment that’ll do the job that they’re supposed to do. If you want a camping stove, you need one that’ll effectively cook your food and warm your water. This is why the QuickStove Cube Stove is a steal.

If you’re camping or hiking, you want a stove that’s not only compact but also lightweight. The QuickStove is made of durable steel and a heat reflective coating, creating a long-lasting effect for camping trips to come.

In addition, it comes with 12 cooking positions, allowing you to use pots or pans with various fuel sources such as wood, charcoal, fuel tablets, etc. This allows you to adapt the stove to any situation you’re in. If you’re camping in backcountry or hiking off-trail, you’ll want to have various fuel sources packed with you and to actually be able to use them.

Plus, above everything, the QuickStove Cube Stove is manufactured in the USA, so, you know you’re getting a high-quality product for the price. If you’re looking for a versatile and adaptable stove for a decent price, the QuickStove Cube Stove is definitely an option you should consider.

QuickStove Cube Stove
Features & Specs: 4″ tall x 4″ square Folds to 2.75″ tall No assembly Durable steel with heat reflective coating Weighs less than 1 pound Accepts multiple fuel sources Reusable Made in the USA


As campers and hikers, we’re always looking for the best of the best when it comes to camping equipment. Of course, we just don’t want the hefty price tag with it. But, you don’t need a big price tag in order to have decent quality camping equipment.

If you’re looking for a camping stove, you want a stove which will be lightweight and compact, making it easy for you to travel with. The QuickStove Cube Stove is a perfect solution which will give you both versatility and efficiency.

Ready to try out the Cube Stove? Head over to QuickStove and pick one up for your next camping trip.

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