The Best Double Sleeping Bag

So your maps drawn out and you have your route, your tents all ready to go and all you need is something extra to make your night’s sleep as sound as possible, there’s so many sleeping bags around, from mummy bags to openable blankets, but if there’s two of you the best choice is to get a double wide sleeping bag for extra warmth and ease. Most can also be separated out into two so whichever you choose will be able to be adaptable to your many camping trips, and some even come with pillows and sleep masks to make it that extra bit luxurious.. even if you’re both staying in a double tent cot! Check out my guide to the best double sleeping bags!

How to Choose the Best Double Sleeping Bag


Sleeping bags can vary in price quite dramatically, but you really do get what you pay for. Make sure that the materials are of a high-quality in order to be durable and long lasting, there’s nothing worse than a cold draft during the night or an accidental rip when you’re packing up in the morning.


It sounds simple, but some sleeping bags can be quite heavy with all the extra padding so make sure you know what the maximum weight that you can carry is before you head out shopping. Most range around a few pounds but if you go for a premium duvet bag then you might find the extra materials are pretty heavy which you may regret halfway up a cliff.


Sleeping bag companies are always trying to give you the best and most comfortable night’s sleep so be sure to check out what extras come with your sleeping bag of choice, some have pillows included, most have carry cases for a speedy pack up and easy carry and some even have night masks and ear plugs – so make the most of the extras to save you money when you come to packing up the night before.

#1 Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

Professional Camping Rating: 9.5 / 10

Price Range Weight Material Size Carry Case
$ 3lbs 210T tetron 87″ x 59″ Yes

This sleeping bag is super warm and undoubtedly one of the most comfortable sleeping bags around. It’s great for cold climates and can easily fit two adults, and as an added perk this one can be split up into two sleeping bags for when you head out on a solo mission.

It’s got a tough and durable outer layer meaning it’ll last you a good number of years without any need for repair or replacement – not that it matters as this sleeping bag features a lifetime guarantee.

  • SUPER WARM AND MOST COMFORTABLE - Want to sleep comfortably, anywhere? No need to suffer with cheap, cold, tight sleeping bags! This quality, portable, queen sleeping bag is perfect. Super sturdy, durable, and extremely comfortable.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EFFICIENT – Economically and practically efficient, this lightweight 2 person sleeping bag has an impressive size of 87" x 59", accommodating two adults in ample comfort perfect in truck, tent or sleeping pad …

#2 Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

Professional Camping Rating: 8.6 / 10

Price Range Weight Material Size Carry Case
$$$ 16lbs Taffeta 4″ x 62″ x 94″ Yes

This sleeping bag is truly enormous so there’s plenty of space to fit two adults and means you can spread out in the night compared to the usual cramped camping bag. It’s made from high quality materials to stop drafts during the evening.

It’s rated a 0 degree sleeping bag so it’s more than suitable for zero degrees during the winter, so if you’re thinking of a festive camping trip or spending the new year out in the wild then this is a great choice, all you need to pack is the firewood and the marshmallows ready for toasting.

  • UNMATCHED COMFORT: These Queen size Sleeping Bags are the ultimate camping experience with a soft poly-flannel lining. The bag unzips on each side, It’s perfect for family camping trips. With dual-layer construction you'll be comfortable and warm
  • FIT FOR A KING AND QUEEN: With a spacious 94x62 inches (239x157 cm) size, our double camping sleeping bags are larger than a queen-sized mattress, giving you plenty of room to spread out or snuggle up with the Family. For Adults and kids …

#3 Fundango Double Sleeping Bag – Queen Size

Professional Camping Rating: 7.2 / 10

Price Range Weight Material Size Carry Case
$$ 7.5lbs 190T Polyester 2.5″ x 87″ x 66″ Yes

If you’re after a super warm and comfortable night’s sleep then this is the perfect choice, with a quality portable bag easy to fit in your backpack. It’s huge so could even fit in three people at a push so if there’s just the two of you, you’ll you have plenty of room.

It’s designed for colder and wilder conditions so it’s perfect for even the colder camping conditions. It can be used as one large sleeping bag or two singles depending on what you need and has two zippers for easy access from either side. With it’s handy carry case and with it being light in weight, it’s easy to pack up and pop in your backpack ready for your day.

  • THIS SUPER HUGE &ROOMY XL SLEEPING BAG-With an impressive size of 87" X 66", 7" Wider than most other (87''X59'') rectangular sleeping bags, sleeps 2-4 people in ample and comfortable. YOU WILL LOVE THIS KING SIZE DOUBLE SLEEPING BAG!

#4 Pohama Double Wide Sleeping Bag

double sleeping bag

Professional Camping Rating: 9.8 / 10

Price Range Weight Material Size Carry Case
$ 3lbs 210T Polyester 5″ x 13″ x 18″ Yes

This queen size sleeping bag comes with lots of additional extras to make your night’s sleep that much better. With a 100% silk sleep mask, foam ear plugs, two pillows and a carry bag there’s nothing better and there’ll definitely barely be any groggy mornings.

#5 X-CHENG Double Sleeping Bag

double sleeping bag

Professional Camping Rating: 9.1 / 10

Price Range Weight Material Size Carry Case
$ 13lbs Polyester 15″ x 20″ x 26″ Yes

Perfect for two singles this double couple sleeping bag is made from premium materials with soft polyester inside and a tough outer shell to make it durable and long-lasting. Easily converted into two separate bags this one is very adaptable to whatever your camping trip requires.

It’s easy to clean along with being waterproof so you’ll be all set even through heavy rain. Two pillows are included in the purchase to create an extremely comfortable sleeping environment.

#6 Blackpine Sports – Grizzly by Black Pine Two Person Sleeping Bag

double sleeping bag

Professional Camping Rating: 8.0 / 10

Price Range Weight Material Size Carry Case
$$$ 5lbs Polyester 90″ x 65″ x 4″ Yes

This is a great choice for any couples heading out on a first camping trip as it feels like your own duvet at home. With a superior insulation and plenty of additional features for added comfort you’ll be sure to feel snug all night long.

The cotton duck canvas shell is sewn in to ensure no cold air gets in during the night. It also zips from both sides so if you need to get out without disturbing your partner it’ll be no trouble. There’s also a layer of flannel on the inside so you’ll both be extra cozy.

#7 Abco Tech Double Sleeping Bag – Queen Size

double sleeping bag

Professional Camping Rating: 7.8 / 10

Price Range Weight Material Size Carry Case
$$ 9lbs Ripstop Polyester 15″ x 23″ x 14″ Yes

A great sleeping bag, perfect for any kind of adventures during spring and autumn. If you’re thinking of heading out hiking with some friends or a romantic summer getaway then this is the perfect choice to keep you warm and snug all night long.

It effortlessly rolls away in the morning so you can head off on your trek as soon as the sun rises, and weighs only 9lbs so it’s easy to carry on your bag and there’s plenty of room for everything else in your pack. It comes with two small pillows for free so you’ll be sure to sleep soundly.