The Best Camping Table

When you’re preparing for a camping trip, you usually think about packing the essentials such as sleeping bags, portable bbq and bathing suits. However, we tend to forget how some of the items that we usually use at home are just as important to use when we go camping.

How else will you cut your vegetables and fruit if you don’t have a table to do it on? Where will you play your portable propane bbq if you don’t have a table?

In these moments, that’s when you wished you had a camping table as it makes your camping experience that much easier.

How to Choose the Best Camping Table


You may be thinking that there is only one type of camping table but you’re wrong. In fact, there are a couple types of tables you can choose from which offer various features depending on what you need the table for.

There is a regular dining table which doesn’t offer any storage space but rather is used to prepare food and eat on. Then there are other tables which focus on providing you with a cooking station rather than an area to eat from. You’ll want to think about your needs when choosing a camping table.


The weight and folding size of your camping table will be the determining factors when looking at the portability of your table. The heavier it is, the less portable the table becomes. This will be important to look at if you’re travelling in a smaller vehicle without much storage space.

If you’re on a solo camping trip, then you also have to remember you’ll be carrying this table on your own, so size does really matter. Of course, if you’re looking for a table with multiple features, then you should expect it to weigh more.

#1 GCI Outdoor Slim Folding Camping Table

The Best Camping Table

The Best Camping Table

Professional Camping Rating: 9.7 / 10

Price RangeWeightDimensionsMaterialLoad Capacity
$4 lbs18 x 19.9 x 23.8Aluminum60 lbs

Now, if you’re looking for a table that can easily fold up and be tucked away without question, then the GCI outdoor slim-fold cook station is a great option for you. Its aluminum-frame and table top can be neatly folded away so that you can slide it into the back of your trunk without taking up any room.

Its slim-fold design is thanks to the telescope legs which slide together when closed when folding it up. The table itself only weighs 4 pounds, so, you’ll be able to comfortably carry it to your campsite without a problem.

This table isn’t large and is designed for one or two person use, however, it does come in a bigger size which is around 25 inches. The larger, 25-inch table, can seat comfortably four people and is ideal if you’re camping with family and friends.

You’ll be able to prepare a meal or eat on this table as it’s extremely stable and lightweight. In addition, this company offers their customers a Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty on their products. So, if you have any problems with the table don’t hesitate as they’ll take of it for you.

  • Outdoor Side Table: Lightweight folding side table is ideal for outdoor activities like picnics, tailgating, RVing, fishing, and road trips
  • Compact Seating: Metal side table seats 2 people while dining, but can also be used as an outside side table
  • Collapsible Design: Telescoping leg design allows this 1-piece, full-sized outdoor folding side table to collapse easily and fold compactly …

#2 Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Camping Kitchen Table

The Best Camping Table

The Best Camping Table

Professional Camping Rating: 9.4 / 10

Price RangeWeightDimensionsMaterialLoad Capacity
$$12.3 lbs15.7 x 2.8 x 31.9Aluminum300 lbs

The Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Kitchen table really is the mother of all camping tables. With a load capacity of 300 lbs, this table is able to take on anything that is placed on it. It’s extremely sturdy and versatile with the ability of it being folded up and conveniently stored away.

The design of the deluxe kitchen table is a 4-in-1 table which allows you to configure it in various ways that suit you. You can use two tables separately to create either a buffet style or side-to-side square dining table, so if you are with friends and family, you’re given the opportunity to design you eating space to how you’d like it.

It is a little heavier than other camping tables, however, there are more features included in this table. The legs of the table are also adjustable and can reach heights of either 14.5, 27.5 and 31.5 inches, so, the table can be customized to its use.

In addition, Coleman also provides their customers with a limited one-year warranty if there are any problems with the table. Overall, this table is lightweight, easy to use and extremely sturdy to cook and eat on.

  • 4-in-1 design can be used as a square table, buffet table, bi-level table, or 2 separate tables
  • Adjusts to 3 different heights; includes leveling feet
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Brackets securely attach tables together
  • Stylish mosaic laminate top
  • Fits in self-contained case with handle for easy transport and storage …

#3 Camp Chef Sherpa Portable Camping Table

The Best Camping Table

The Best Camping Table

Professional Camping Rating: 8.8 / 10

Price RangeWeightDimensionsMaterialLoad Capacity
$$$13.5 lbs25.5 x 16.5 x 9AluminumN/A

If you’re big on organization, then you’ll like the camp chef sherpa as a camping table for you and your family. It ensures that everything you need for your kitchen including utensils, plates and food is neatly organized and stored away underneath the table top.

It comes with four fabric zippered compartments which are color coordinated in red, yellow, blue and green to help keep everything where they belong. The table is designed as a compact footprint and thin legs though may make for easier transportation also means that the table is less stable.

The aluminum table top is removable, making it easy to pack up and store away when finished using it. In comparison to other tables mentioned, this one is the more complicated tables when it comes to setup, at least when it comes to the initial step up.

Once you get the hang of it, it quickens the process. If you have a larger group of people with you when camping, then you’ll probably want a second table for a second countertop. However, as a kitchen station and table top, this is a decent option.

  • Versatile aluminum roll-top table 600, Denier Fabric, 4 zippered compartments
  • Blue organizer is lined for use as cooler or sink, Side pouch for transportation of table top, Padded carry handles for easy handling
  • Telescoping aluminum legs, Expandable lower divider to accommodate a Mountain Series cooking system …

#4 Camp Time Roll-A-Table

The Best Camping Table

The Best Camping Table

Professional Camping Rating: 8.3 / 10

Price RangeWeightDimensionsMaterialLoad Capacity
$$$11 lbs32 x 32 x 28Waterproof Fabric100 lbs

Not all of us have space in our vehicles to store a camping table, though we don’t want to go camping without one. However, you can still bring a camping table with you without having to fill up your trunk space.

Among campers, this is one of the favorites as it’s extremely versatile and easy to set up. You’ll be able to use your propane camping stove and prepare your meals. It takes a total of 55 seconds to set the table up – as you can tell, it’s easy and quick to assemble.

It’s highly portable as it’s a roll up camping table that rolls into one bagless unit. Eleven wood slats are used as the table top with each wood slat covered individually by sealed vinyl, so, don’t worry about spilling anything on it because it’s waterproof.

The aluminium legs screw into the table top making a 28-inch high table. In comparison to the other tables mentioned, this one is slightly less stable and can be wobbly at times. The table comes in at a great price and for it, it’s a long lasting table. If you’re a frequent camper or a seasonal one, the features and price are a great steal.

  • No awkward X-braces to block your knees
  • Occupies a space less than 4% its set-up size!
  • Highest quality and made in the USA
  • Set-up size- 32"x32"x28"
  • rolled-up size- 32"x5.5"diameter

#5 Helinox Table Hard Top

The Best Camping Table

The Best Camping Table

Professional Camping Rating: 8.1 / 10

Price RangeWeightDimensionsMaterialLoad Capacity
$$$2.55 lbs14 x 24 x 16Aluminum110 lbs

This is an extremely lightweight table that works amazingly for either work or leisure. The hard top is made of panels that are sewn into individual fabric pieces which fold up easily for storage.

The table comes in 60 x 40 cm which allows you an adequate amount of space for preparing meals or resting your drink. Its single shock-corded pole design is structured to make it easy for setting up without a hassle.

In addition, it’s extremely lightweight, making it even easier to assemble. The table sits relatively low, thus, works best with Helinox chairs which are specifically designed for this style of table. It comes with two cup holders so you’ll be able to place your drinks down without having to worry about them tipping over.

In addition, when it comes to folding it up, the table comes with a storage sack with a zipper closure and grab handles, so you’ll be able to transport it easily without worrying.

Though it’s a little pricey in comparison to some of the other tables mentioned, it’s a high-quality table that’s built to not only provide you support but long-lasting support as well.

  • Portable, outdoor camping table featuring a hard top surface and plenty of room to perch a plate or deck of cards
  • Lightweight, collapsible table frame is constructed from advanced proprietary aluminum alloy to provide maximum strength; holds up to 110 pounds
  • Removable, rectangular hard top and zippered carrying case are made to withstand harsh weather and UV rays; case is machine washable …

#6 Eureka Cook Table

camping table

Professional Camping Rating: 7.3 / 10

Price RangeWeightDimensionsMaterialLoad Capacity
$$$11 lbs32 x 19.5 x 4.5Steel Frame90 lbs

Just because you’re not in your kitchen at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the luxuries of your kitchen while camping. The Eureka Cook Table is an easy-to-use and convenient way to prepare your meals and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s made of silver-powder-coated steel frame and a polyester storage cabinet. The table is designed as a waist-high table ensuring that you don’t need to bend over, straining your neck and back. You’ll be able to comfortably place your portable bbq stove on the table without worrying about stability.

A great feature of this table is that there’s a detachable cabinet which holds plates, food and utensils. In addition, it also allows you to zip it up to protect it from pesky insects.

If your campsite is uneven, there’s an adjustable levelling foot which allows you to ensure that the table stands on the stable ground. The table itself isn’t big, however, it does an amazing job of providing you with a solid space to prepare your meals and eat on.

The storage cabinet also allows you to organize your cooking station, ensuring that everything is put in its own place.

#7 Leki Table XS Lite

camping table

Professional Camping Rating: 7.7 / 10

Price RangeWeightDimensionsMaterialLoad Capacity
$$$1.80 lbs23.6 x 15 x 15Aluminum110 lbs

The Lexi Table XS Lite is a small, compactable camping table made of sturdy aluminium. Though it’s small and lightweight, don’t be fooled by its size. This table can support up to 110 pounds, making it extremely sturdy and durable.

The lightweight and minimalistic design of glass fibre-reinforced plastic provide high stability with low weight making it ideal for those that are looking for a camping table that won’t weigh them down. You’ll be able to carry this table with ease as it only weighs 1.8 pounds.

The aluminium shafts also act as extra support as the rubber feet provide a sturdy foothold. Another great feature is that it comes with a zippered storage sack, so everything is kept neat and tidy in one spot making it easy to transport.

If you’re going planning on doing a lot of cooking and need a place to peel potatoes or dice onions, you’ll want to give this table a try. You won’t have to worry about the table collapsing due to weight or shaking while you’re using it. It’s sturdy and isn’t planning on going anywhere.

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