20 of the Best UK Campsites

You may have your usual camping spot that you take friends and family to, but now, you’re thinking of changing it up. And you know, that’s a great idea. The UK is full of amazing areas that you need to check out whether they’re in the countryside or coastline.

But, understandably, it’s not easy choosing a campground for your holidays.There are hundreds of campgrounds to choose from and you either don’t have the time to go through all of them or are unsure if the photos of sites are actually real. And as much as you like exploring new areas, going to places which you know are fully functioning and equipped are always the safest options.

But we decided to go through and select the 20 best UK Campsites, all equipped with the information you need in order to plan your camping trip. So, let’s take a look at what some of the best UK campgrounds have to offer.

Trellyn Woodland Camping UK


Best UK Campsites - Trellyn Woodland Camping
Fishguard Fort closeby
Fishguard Fort by David Nicholls is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

The Trellyn Woodland campground is a small campsite which gives you amazing privacy. With only 5 secluded pitches, they’re each provided with their own covered campfire area, picnic table and grill.

Though, if you want to be wilder, they also offer two valley fields where you’re able to pitch wherever you’d like. It’s an ideal place if you’re interested in going camping with a small group of friends or family. It’s right in the countryside, so you’ll be able to get the peace and tranquillity you need during your trip.

They also offer campers with amenities such as showers, toilets, communal area, games room, recycling, and workshops for both children and adults. Though it’s not by the sea, this campsite will put you right into the heart of the countryside.

Visit Trellyn Woodland Camping

Balinoe Campsite


Best UK Campsites - Balinoe Campsite
Overlooking Loch Phuill and Ben Hough
loch & hough view by Rob Main is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers
Tents & RVs

The Balinoe Campsite is a great option if you’re going to Tiree. It’s the campground with some of Tiree’s only trees, so you’ll be able to get the protection you need from the elements, especially the Hebridean winds.

The campground offers campers with 20 pitches where you’ll be able to grass camp for tents and have access for guest cars as well. The campsite does allow campervans and towed caravans with electrical hook-ups.

They also offer indoor facilities if needed. This is Tiree’s original campsite and is a favorite among campers as you’ll have amazing views for all to enjoy.

Visit Balinoe Campsite

Park Farm

Best UK Campsites - Park Farm
The view from Worcester Hill in the Malverns
Malverns by Joe is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

The Park Farm campsite is a real back to basics campground which gives campers the opportunity to throw themselves into nature. They pride themselves on the fact that they provide you with the “proper way” to camp. What does this mean?

Keeping it simple. Spacious pitches, views, campfire, toilet and, of course, no cars. They wanted children to be able to run around freely, explore and fall in love with nature. On 38 acres of land, you’ll have amazing panoramic views of Thames Valley and Cotswold hills, and surround yourself with sheep and other farm animals.

You’ll be able to collect eggs from the chickens, pet barn animals, keep your watch for wild animals such as deer and walk through the wild fields. Now, you can’t get much better than that.

Visit Park Farm

Are you looking for some more coastal campsites? The guardian has a greate article on coastal campsites.

La Bailloterie

Best UK Campsites - La Bailloterie
Guernsey Scenery
Guernsey Scenery – HDR by Nicolas Raymond is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers
Tents & RVs

On 10 acres sits the longest established campsite on Guernsey, La Bailloterie. Though it sits on the north of the island in a rural atmosphere, it’s very close to the main services which are accessible by car.

The spacious area allows you to seclude yourself from other campers completely or be close to where the excitement is, it really depends on you.

The campground offers all the basic amenities such as toilets, laundry, showers, free wi-fi, a general shop, and an outdoor dining area to enjoy the nature around you while eating dinner.

Visit La Bailloterie

Beacon Cottage Camping Site

Best UK Campsites - Beacon Cottage
Cornwall, England
Cornwall England by barnyz is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers
Tents & RVs

Beacon Cottage is a part of the traditional Cornish family farm which is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural and Beauty and Heritage Coast. The area was also awarded the 2014 The Dark Skies Status.

Through this campground, you’ll have access to some of the most beautiful scenery and sea views in Cornwall. If you’re a walker, photographer, or bird watcher, they’ll be plenty of you to see and explore. The farm is on 650 acres of nature, cows, sheep, and chickens, though you’re only permitted 4 acres to pitch on.

If you leave the site, within ten minutes you’re at the National Trusts Chapel Porth Beach with sandy coves for swimming, exploring and surfing. The campground comes with everything you could possibly need including recycling, dog exercise field, wi-fi, and a general shop with local products.

Visit Beacon Cottage

Party in a Barn

Best UK Campsites - Party in a Barn
Great spot in Tegg’s Nose Country Park
Seat with a view by highlights6 is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

The Party in a Barn is located only 50 metres from the barn and open during the hire period. The site isn’t overly supervised, thus, they put the trust in you that you’ll vacate and clear your rubbish prior to leaving.

The campsite is on a beautifully clear and bright field where you’ll be able to pitch your tent wherever you’d like. The campsite it fully levelled, requiring no steps to enter any of the facilities, including the barn, toilets and showers.

The campsite is very minimalistic with amenities and simply offers you the amenities listed above. It’s ideal for people who aren’t looking for camping luxuries but rather a spot to pitch their tent and immerse in nature.

Visit Party in a Barn

The Old Bidlake Farm

Best UK Campsites - The Old Bidlake Farm
Overlooking Marshwood Vale from Lambert’s Castle
Cycle Tour of Dorset – Marshwood Vale, viewed from Lambert’s Castle by velodenz is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

The Old Bidlake Farm is a UK campsite tucked away in the West Dorset’s Marshwood Vale that’s been there since 2011. The area is well known for its outstanding nature which is only three miles away from the Jurassic Coast.

On site, you’re able to camp right under the stars in their traditional canvas tents that are protected by hedges and wildflowers or pitch your own tent. Wildlife is not an unusual site on the grounds as barn owls, rabbits, and roe deer are a common site.

In the background of the campground, you have views of Pilsdon Pen, Colmers and Lewesdon Hills. There’s an orchard on site which you can walk through to get to the kitchen, electrical shower, toilets and communal dining area.

If you have children they’ll love the area as they’ll be able to run around freely, bike ride or go pony trekking at the stables next door. Though you’re tucked away from the hustle and bustle, you’re only two miles away from the Market Town of Bridport where there’s art, music, and delicious food awaiting you.

Visit the Old Bidlake Farm

Bryher Campsite

Best UK Campsites - Bryher Campsite
Bryher, Isles of Scilly
Isles of Scilly: Bryher: Hell Bay by James Stringer is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

If you’re interested in checking out one of the beautiful campgrounds the UK has to offer by the sea, you should consider Bryher Campsite on the Isles of Scilly. The campground is perfectly situated with stunning views of Hangman Island and Tresco.

However, this doesn’t mean you’re completely out in the open. Rather, the campsite is nestled between two hills, providing you with enough shelter and privacy. If you go during the summer, it’s paradise as you’ll be able to enjoy the Green Bay’s sandy beach or Rushy Bay.

As a UK campsite, the campground comes with all the necessities you need and they made sure you’re properly taken care of. The bathroom facilities, of course, come equipped with toilets and showers but they also offer hair dryers and basins as well.

If you have children with you, the fields offer plenty of space to run around and even have a games field as well for football and volleyball. It has a little bit of everything and will keep everyone entertained and happy.

Visit Bryher Campsite

Westermill Farm

Best UK Campsites - Westermill Farm
Exmoor National Park
Grazing – Exmoor National Park by Natural England is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

If your main interest while camping is to hike or bike, then you’ll enjoy the Westermill Farm as it’s located within Exmoor National Park and the bank of Exe. The location of the farm is really what sets this campground from others as it gives you a range of activities to participate in from walking to hiking to fishing.

Though, at the same time, it’s close to local pubs for when you want to take a break and grab yourself a beer. The campsite is stunning and simple. It’s placed across four fields and has hedges surrounding the property, giving extra privacy to campers.

The facilities are simple as they offer campers solar and gas powered showers, toilets, and a washing-up block. There’s a small general shop where you’re able to purchase local meat.

Visit Westermill Farm

Debden House

Best UK Campsites - Debden House
Epping Forest
Epping Forest by cat_collector is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers
Tents & RVs

In Essex, one of our UK campsites, the Debden House is a highly unique campground. This isn’t so much because of the campground itself, rather the interesting and eclectic group of people which camp there. The energy at this campground is positive, upbeat and festive – always putting you in a good mood.

The campground itself is on 50 acres, allowing space for 300+ pitches and is surrounded by the Epping Forest, leaving you perfectly secluded. Though, it’s still in a central location, as it’s walking distance from the tube and only 30 minutes from London.

On the campground, there are several playgrounds for children, a cafe, a general shop, laundry facilities and showers. If you want an electric hook-up, they even offer that as well.

Visit Debden House

Upper Booth Camping

Best UK Campsites - Upper Booth Camping
View from Higger Tor, The Peak District
The Peaks by ~~Tone~~ is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

The Upper Booth Farm is a great little spot for those who are truly dedicated to exploring the nature around them either by foot or bike. This campsite is truly ideal for walkers as it’s well connected to various trails in the area.

The campground consists of two fields with no designated spots, meaning, first come, first serve. You’ll be able to choose the view you’d like to wake up to every morning, however, don’t worry, the fields never become packed with tents as there’s plenty of space for everyone.

The campground comes with your basic amenities such as showers, toilets, and a washing-up block. During the summer season, the farm kitchen also works as a cafe. On the campground, there’s also a barn which you can sleep in.

This campground is very simple, however, this site isn’t about luxury camping, it’s designed to reconnect you with nature. This is one of the reasons why we’ve selected it as one of the best camping sites in the UK.

Visit Upper Booth Camping

The Secret Campsite

Best UK Campsites - The Secret Campsite
A village near Lewes
Kingston-near-Lewes by Dave_S. is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

Well, if you want to stay at a campsite which is truly tucked away from everything, almost like living in your own little world then you should consider the Secret Campsite.

Of course, since it made it on this list, it’s not much of a secret, however, it’s the perfect spot if you’re interested in exploring the quaint and charming town of Lewes and the wild coastal town of Brighton.

The campground is extremely relaxed and calm as you’re surrounded by woods. There’s plenty of wildlife for you to witness during your stay as you’ll be able to have a glimpse at wild deer, sparrow hawks and beautiful glow-worms.

If you don’t want to do traditional camping, you’re also able to stay in their secret shelters which are tree tents that are suspended in the air – pretty cool, right?

Visit the Secret Campsite

Britchcombe Farm

Best UK Campsites - Britchcombe Farm
The sunset from the top of the field at Britchcombe Farm
Camping at Uffington by Gioconda Beekman is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers
Tents & RVs

Nestled in Oxfordshire, located a mile away from the historic, 3,000-year-old White house is Britchcombe farms. If you’re not interested in coastal views but rather want to become acquainted with the English countryside, this is your place to go.

The campground is basic, yet, supplies all your basic needs, including toilets and showers. The campground is on a slight slope, so make sure you have the proper gear with you so latch down your tent.

Visit Britchcombe Farm

Stowford Manor

Best UK Campsites - Stowford Manor
The Church of St Mary the Virgin in Lower Westwood
Stowford Manor Farm – Constable Family Weekend 2015 – St Mary the Virgin Lower Westwood by muffinn is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers
Tents & RVs

This family-run manor is one of the nicest places to go for a weekend getaway. Since it’s a family-run campground, there’s a certain charm to it which you simply don’t get from others. On one side of the campground, you’re in perfect view of the medieval buildings of the Stoward Farms.

The Frome surrounds the rest of the campground and is ideal for fishing, boating, kayaking/canoeing and swimming, so, if you’re a fan of water then you’ll love it here. In addition, you’re close to some great attractions such as the Bradford-on-Avon and the City of Bath, two charming and quaint towns.

The campground itself is simply beautiful and gives a real English country vibe. One of the best we’ve seen in a UK campsite It comes fully equipped with all the necessities such as toilets, showers, laundry and RV hook-ups. On site, they even provide special workshops for both children and adults.

Visit Stowford Manor

Blackberry wood

Best UK Campsites - Blackberry wood
Plumpton, England, United Kingdom
DSC_3136 by mirabelka szuszu is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

In East Sussex, at the bottom of South Downs is the Blackberry wood campsite. The campground is surrounded by trails and wilderness, yet, you’re still in driving distance to the coast and Brighton. So, you have a perfect balance of both in-land and sea.

The campground gives spacious clearings for each tent and provides basic necessities such as toilets and showers. They even have a small shop if you happen to forget something.

A word of advice, if you happen to go during or after rainy weather, the site can become quite muddy, so you’ll want to be prepared for that as well.

The only unique feature this campsite has is that the showers are open-air, so, while you’re showering you’ll be able to breathe in and take in the views of the stunning nature around you.

Visit Blackberry wood

The Barefoot Campsite

Best UK Campsites - Barefoot Campsite
Oxfordshire Countryside
Oxfordshire Countryside by velodenz is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

Of course, when you think of camping by the Thames, the first thought is the sad excuse for a beach that they have in front of the Oxo Tower. However, that’s not what we’re talking about. Instead, we’re talking about the Oxfordshire countryside which is mindblowing.

Yes, you’re by the river so you are able to explore the Thames by wild swimming or canoe. The campsite is only 6-miles away from the city of Oxford, yet is completely secluded, making you feel like you’re truly out in nature.

Why? Because this campground is your back-to-basics. There are no luxuries when you’re staying here, rather, it’s aimed to connect you back to nature. There’s no artificial light or wi-fi and no electricity. So, if you truly want to take a break and genuinely relax with your only worry being what you’re going to eat for dinner, then this is the spot.

Visit the Barefoot Campsite

Treloan Coastal Holidays

Best UK Campsites - Treloan Coastal Holidays
Near St Anthony Head, Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall
Roseland, Cornwall. Near St Anthony Head. St Mawes. by Thomas Tolkien is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers
Tents & RVs

The Treloan Coastal campground is an all-year campsite nestled in the Portscatho and the Roseland Peninsula, both being truly spectacular sights. The campsite is an eco-friendly environment, with everything on the campground designed to limit pollution and waste during your stay.

The surrounding area is extremely romantic and consists of mostly untouched nature. You’re immersed in silent woods, natural and secluded beaches, and on top of that, rolling hills that float into the ocean.

The pitches are spacious and every spot has a view of the sea, so there’s no need to battle others for a waterfront view. On the site, they also offer eco and art activities such as fishing and chartered boat trips, paddle and sail, and kayaking.

So, there’s something out there for everyone to enjoy. The campground also comes with toilets, showers, RV hook-ups, and laundry. So, all your basics are covered while you’re camping in paradise.

Visit Treloan Coastal Holidays

If you’ve got the taste for sea side campsites, BBC countryfile includes some great options here.

Orchard Campsite

Best UK Campsites - Orchard Campsite
Rendlesham Forest
Rendlesham Forest by SkyDivedParcel is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

The Orchard Campsite is perfectly situated on 11 acres of Suffolk coastline and Rendlesham Forest. Which, may we add, is the location for one UFO sighting in 1980, so, you may be able to catch another glimpse of one while you’re there.

The campground is very relaxed, you don’t need a specific check-in or check-out time, your pitching isn’t numbered so you get to choose the views and you’re able to camp on your own or in a group.

So, it’s really as though you’re wild camping, however, you’re provided with much-needed basic amenities such as toilets, showers, and laundry. In addition, the general shop on the grounds is supplied with fresh and local meats, bread and pastries.

They also carry 150 different types of wine, beer and spirits from around the world. So, though you’re still in the UK, you can get an international experience while on your camping trip.

Visit Orchard Campsite

Mains Farm Wigwams

Best UK Campsites - Mains Farm Wigwams
Meall Odhar
Meall Odhar by ShinyPhotoScotland is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers
Tents & RVs

Nestled in the mountainous Stirlingshire is the Mains Farm Wigwams campsite. The landscape of the surrounding area is unique which even includes a floodplain of the River North.

The campsite gives you a perfect view of what the entire area has to offer. If you’re camping with children they’ll love this area as there are many fun activities to participate in throughout the year.

Close by you have the Go Ape forest adventure where they take you on thrilling outdoor walkabout in the most interesting of ways. There’s also the Blair Drummond Safari Park as well which will keep any children in awe.

The campground itself is well maintained. They offer campers basic necessities such as showers and toilets, however, they a bit of a walk away from the pitches. However, that’s just a minor inconvenience when you consider where you’re camping.

Visit Mains Farm Wigwams

Applecross Campsite

Best UK Campsites - Applecross Campsite
View from a ride through the highlands
17.09.17 (56) by Paradasos is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Accommodation Campfires Pets Drinking Water Toilets Showers

The Applecross Campsite is highly remote, thus, if you’re really looking to get away from the daily grind and immerse yourself in the wilderness, then this is your spot. The campsite provides you stunning views from across the bay and is a perfect place to pitch your tent if you want to explore the inlets and dunes of the coast. If you have children, they’ll love it.

You’re nearby one an extremely popular and well-known restaurant, the Applecross Inn which is a place you have to go try. The campground itself provides campers with all the basic necessities such as toilets, showers, and laundry.

You have six acres of land where you’re able to pitch your tent without any restrictions, so you get to choose your view. In addition, the reception does have a payphone as you won’t be able to receive any mobile reception. So, if you were looking for a real break from everything, this is a great spot.

Visit Applecross Campsite