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Are you looking for a great lightweight tent that fits 2 persons and is easy to set up? Check out my full review of the SlingFin 2Lite Trek.

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When you’re camping, one of the most important things to pay attention to is weight. Whether you’re backpacking or camping, the last thing you want is to lug around heavy and unnecessary camping gear. Your trip quickly stops becoming fun and starts becoming more of a job which isn’t the purpose of going into nature.

If anything you want to be able to relax and enjoy the scenery around you with as little gear as possible. This is where the SlingFin 2Lite Trek comes in handy as it’ll provide you shelter without being a burden. Let’s take a closer look.

SlingFin 2Lite Trek Tent


Before we go into detail, you’re probably wondering what the SlingFin 2Lite Trek is exactly. Well, it’s a two-person, three-season, ultralight backpacking tent which, unlike most shelters that match this description, can actually sleep two people comfortably.

The fact that it can comfortably sleep two people makes a huge difference as you’ll only need one tent instead of two. One of the features which give the tent its spacious interior is the vertical walls which don’t close off space as a traditional tent would.

Aside from the excellent interior room, the tent itself is rugged and simple in design – hence why you have so much space inside. It has two doors which allow for easy exit and entry with large side vestibules for gear storage. So, if you’re planning on camping or backpacking solo, you have plenty of room for both you and your gear.

The liveability of the tent is what really stands out with the SlingFin 2Lite Trek. The two large doors are really a must-have when you’re sharing a tent. Waking your partner up in the middle of the night so that you can go to the bathroom is annoying and creates for a restless night.

If you’re waning a little more space you might want to consider something a little larger like a 4 person tent.

The vestibules are positioned in a specific way so that your gear is not blocking the doorways, thus, you won’t have to wake people up to the sound of you shuffling and moving around gear. The D-shape of the door is also another feature which gives the doors their size, making it easy for you to exit and enter the tent.

Ventilation is always a huge concern when it comes to tents. Most tents offer ventilation, however, not in sufficient amounts which results in condensation within the interior. Every camper knows the feeling of condensation and it’s never pleasant, especially if you’re camping in the summer.

However, the SlingFin 2Lite Trek does a mighty fine job to prevent condensation. The pole structure in the interior walls not only creates the feeling that the interior is more spacious, but it also aids in preventing condensation. If you open up the two doors at night, you have an excellent source of ventilation.

In addition, if the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can close up the vestibule doors halfway. Also, the vestibules are designed in such a way that you’ll be able to have the rear of the tent facing into the storm to act as a wind and rain blocker while still keeping the front half of the vestibule open for proper ventilation. The point is, either way, you’re getting airflow.

SlingFin 2Lite Trek Tent

The web truss design of the tent is highly innovative and provides a sturdy structure and tension for the poles which is separate from the body or fly. The web truss design allows you to set up the frame of the tent prior to the body or fly. So, in essence, you can secure your poles in place and then place the body on top.

Many people struggle with setting up a tent because it places strain on the body as they have to try secure the poles in the tent. If you’ve seen couples arguing while setting up the tent, this is usually the cause of it as it can become very frustrating.

However, you’re able to set the SlingFin 2Lite Trek in windy conditions without any problems because you won’t have to worry about the body of the tent. It makes setting up and taking down the the tent very simple and hassle-free.

The SlingFin 2Lite Trek is a non-freestanding tent, so it needs to be held down with stakes. The only issue with this is that if you’re going to be tenting on rocky terrain, you’ll need to be able to find a place to place the stakes into the ground.

That may be a challenge depending on where you’re camping, however, if you’re camping on moderate terrains such as forests and woods, you’ll be easily able to find a place to make camp.

The SlingFin 2Lite Trek’s lightweight feature is also another reason why this tent is a favorite among the camping community. So many times you’ll see a tent you love but realize that it’s too heavy.

Of course, you can split the tent and have your partner carry parts of it, but if you’re a solo camper or backpacker, that’s not possible. Thus, you end up sacrificing what you love just because you’re unable to carry it.

Though, the SlingFin 2Lite Trek doesn’t make you sacrifice anything. It only weighs 2.06 lbs which is extremely light for a tent with these features.

SlingFin 2Lite Trek Tent

Weight, Size & Build Materials

Weight and size are always a concern. People typically assume that if a product is lightweight and compact, it usually means that the material is cheap and delicate. However, that’s not the case. You can have a lightweight and compact tent made of durable and high-quality material – it’s possible and the SlingFin 2Lite Trek is evidence of this.

The SlingFin 2Lite Trek weighs an outstanding 2 pounds and 6 ounces without the tent stakes. The interior tent dimensions are 85”L x 48”W, with 17”H above your feet and 38”H above your head.

If you’re taking out your measuring tape right now, you’ll notice that it’s quite a large tent. The SlingFin 2Lite Trek can also be set-up with trekking poles which decrease the weight by a couple of ounces.

The SlingFin 2Lite Trek is made out of a 15D or 20D Nylon Ripstop material which is well-known for durability, tear and water resistant protection. The fly, no-see-um mesh, and flooring are all made of Nylon Ripstop. This means you won’t have to worry about being rough with your tent as its designed to be able to handle rough usage.

The SlingFin 2Lite Trek can be folded into a 13” x 5” inch bundle around the poles, thus, it’s the perfect size for any backpack. In addition, if you’re camping with a vehicle, this will hardly take up any trunk room, leaving you more room for other equipment, food, and water.


Now this tent removes all your hassles and stressors when it comes to setting up and taking down a tent – that alone means it’s worth it. The rest of the features are just a bonus. It’s very rare that you’re able to have a tent which you can actually use as its described.

The SlingFin 2Lite Trek is an actual two-person tent which comfortably fits two people. You won’t need to buy a larger tent or bring two tents, the SlingFin 2Lite Trek will do the trick.

The material is highly durable and long-lasting which is what you’re looking for in a tent. You want your tent to last you more than a couple of seasons, you want it to last you years to come. Both the material and design give you the long lasting support that you want and need.

The two large doors allow you to easily enter and exit your tent without disturbing your partner while the vestibules store your gear and act as wind and rain protection as well.

The best feature of the tent would be the web truss design which allows you to set up the frame of the tent without the body. This just makes for an easy setup and honestly, reduces a lot of the frustration which is revolved around tent setup and takedowns.

On top of all of this, the tent packs away neatly and nicely, so that you can fit it into any backpack without it taking up needed space.

SlingFin 2Lite Trek Tent

Features & Specs:

Capacity: 2 People

Weight (max): 2 lbs 10.2 oz 2 side doors

Length: 89 in

Floor Dimensions: 28.45 sq ft

Interior Height: 41 in

Packed Size: 13 x 5 in


Buying a tent isn’t easy. There are an endless amount of options, yet, we worry about the quality and durability that many of these tents do and do not offer. However, the SlingFin 2Lite Trek is really a tent that stands out above the rest.

The design, the quality, the materials, the weight – all of these were taken into consideration when creating this tent and they exceeded the expectations.

Not only does the SlingFin 2Lite Trek provide users with an actual two-person tent, but they also provide users with space, storage and ventilation. Though these are the basics of a tent, SlingFin 2Lite Trek took the basics and improved them.

If you would like to give it a try, head over to SlingFin and pick one up for your next adventure.

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