The Best Instant Tent

If you’re an avid hiker or travelling with children, you don’t want to invest too much time and energy setting up your sleeping quarters. Plus, if you’re not experienced with pitching a tent, your camping trip can turn out to be filled with unnecessary stress. This is where the instant tent comes handy as it eliminates any hassle and unforeseen stress. Let’s get started with showing you the 7 best instant tents on the market.

How to Choose the Best Instant Tent


The size of your instant tent is going to depend greatly on how many people are going to be using it. Of course, the more people using the tent, the larger the tent you’ll need. This will also affect the weight of your tent as well, thus, you really want to focus on the number of people that will be sleeping in the tent. The last thing you want is to carry around extra weight when camping.


Regardless of the season, you’re going to be camping in, you’ll want to make sure that the tent is waterproof and/or resistant. Summer rain showers can happen randomly and if your tent isn’t water resistant, well, everything inside is going to be soaked. Plus, if it’s water-resistant, you have more options to use it in early spring and late fall months.

#1 Teton Sports Instant Tent

Professional Camping Rating: 8.8 / 10

Price Range Weight Capacity Dimensions Waterproof
$ 5 lbs 1 person 82 x 39 x 32 Yes

If you’re a solo camper or hiker, then you’ll want a small and compact tent. Well, this is the perfect one-person tent for you. Since it’s a one-person tent, it takes almost no time to set up, a grand total of 60 seconds to pitch it up and take it down.

You can place this tent on the ground or if needed, you can place it on a cot if needed. The freestanding tent is designed with Taffeta fabric and a full-micro mesh internal tent for proper ventilation during the night.

With the tent, you’re also provided with a rain fly, it’s made with 75-denier Taffeta fabric with 200mm PU coating that’ll easily protect you from the harsh rainy elements. In addition, the tent itself is also water-resistant.

The tent also offers a Quick-Up System III as it comes with built-in poles, allowing you to easily put up this pop up instant tent. With two fingers, you can take it down. You might want to pick up some extra tent stakes too as they easily get lost!—

The tent provides an ample amount of space for one person, so you’ll be extremely comfortable inside, however, it’s definitely too tight for two people. Thus, if you’re a solo-camper, you should highly consider this tent.

  • QUICK CAMPING TENT WITH AN INSTANT SETUP: Camping made easy; Buying the tent will take longer than setting it up; Roll it out, lock your poles, pull the drawstring and you’re done
  • ONE PERSON SLEEP SYSTEM: Pop up dome tent with a quick and easy setup; For camping on the ground or the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot for some serious glamping …

#2 Toogh Instant Tent

Professional Camping Rating: 8.7 / 10

Price Range Weight Capacity Dimensions Waterproof
$ 8.5 lbs 2-4 persons 9.45 x 31.5 x 7 Yes

The Toogh Instant tent is a little different in design compared to the other instant tents due to the frame. Typical instant tents are made with metal frames, however, this tent uses a system of hinged tent poles which can retract and protract in under sixty seconds. So, when they say it’s instant, it really is instant.

The tent is waterproof and made with seamed waterproof fabric that’ll be able to take on the harsh elements. In addition to the fabric, the tent design also stands up to harsh weather, so you won’t have to worry about it blowing away.

The tent comes with two large entry doors with a mesh window and mesh side vents, so you have plenty of ventilation and views from inside looking out.

The tent is rated for up to 4 persons, however, suits 2-3 people perfectly. If there are two adults and a small child, this is a perfect size, however, 3 full-grown adults is a bit tight.

If you’re looking for a tent to take you on weekend getaways and casual adventures, then this is a great option to consider.

  • 【Unique and fantastic design】The tent is Super easy to set up and take down in only 60 seconds,Simply lift up the top of the tent and it will automatic installation. Press the end of the pole at moment which poles have yellow labels, automatically folding tent
  • 【High Quality Waterproof Fabric】Outside tent with a waterproof level of 3000mm is made of 210D oxford fabric + Silicone Coating. The tent floor with a waterproof level of 10000mm is made of 210T …

#3 Zomake Pop Up Instant Tent

Professional Camping Rating: 8.6 / 10

Price Range Weight Capacity Dimensions Waterproof
$ 5 lbs 4 persons 40.8 x 94.5 x 43.3 Yes

The Zomake Pop-Up tent is designed to reduce any hassle and stress from setting up a tent with its simple design, leaving you more time to explore the great outdoors. It’s extremely lightweight and highly compact, thus, it’s ideal if you’re solo camping as well.

The poles are flexible, yet, are durable for long-term use. The tent itself is made of water and tear-resistant polyester fabric which makes it great for camping in dense forests or along the shoreline.

Because it’s simple and water-resistant, it’s extremely easy to clean which is also another important feature. It comes with a set of stakes that can be used to hold the tent in place in case the weather conditions become harsh.

The tent is designed with two large windows with mesh panels that can be zipped open and/or closed, preventing you from having pesky insects entering your tent during the day and night. In addition, the windows act as great ventilation, reducing condensation. Your nights will be fresh and bug-free inside the Zomake.

This tent is ideal for campers looking for a lightweight and compact camping supplies. If you’re camping, backpacking or hiking, this tent will work wonders for you. It’s also a great choice for families looking for some shade if they’re at the lake or beach.

  • 🏕【INSTANT EASY POP UP TENT】The automatic tent throw pop up can be built in just 2 seconds,lift it to set up it,press and tighten it to close it.It is not require complex installation steps,effectively saving time.The pop-up camping tents is designed with sandbag rope fixing holes and packaging bags,making it easy to use.The portable pop-up tent is our great companion for outings,allowing us to easily enjoy the fun of camping in the wilderness …

#4 Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

Professional Camping Rating: 8.4 / 10

Price Range Weight Capacity Dimensions Waterproof
$$ 20 lbs 6 persons 107 x 120 x 72 Yes

If you like the Coleman Instant Cabin for 4 people, however, need it for a larger group, they offer the Coleman Instant Cabin Tent for 6 people. This tent is designed with pre-attached poles which allow the tent to be set up within 60 seconds.

The tent comes with large, oversized windows with meshed coverings which prevent the bugs from entering your tent throughout the day.

Though it’s an instant tent, it’s one of the most durable and sturdiest tents on the market. The tent is able to withstand winds of 55 mph and is water-resistant, thus, it’ll be able to stand during the harshest of weather.

The tent features a Weather Tec System which includes welded, inverted seams on the floor to prevent water from seeping in. The tent is made of water and tear-resistant 150D polyester fabric, meaning you’ll be provided with the durability and protection needed when camping.

The ceiling is somewhat low in comparison to other tents as it reaches a height of 6-feet. So, if you have some tall people in your family, they may not enjoy the low ceilings.

The built-in rain fly is a nice feature with the tent which allows you to cover the windows when it rains. Inside the tent, there are organizational pockets which help with storage.

  • Instant setup in as fast as 1 minute thanks to pre-attached poles
  • WeatherTec system's welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in
  • Integrated rainfly improves airflow
  • Double-thick Polyguard 2X fabric stands up to the elements season after season
  • Fits 2 queen-size air beds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 9 ft …

#5 Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Tent

Professional Camping Rating: 8.4 / 10

Price Range Weight Capacity Dimensions Waterproof
$$$ 41 lbs 8 persons 13 x 34.5 x 11.5 Yes

The Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Tent is an exceptionally large, cabin-style tent that comes with the option of being divided into two areas, fitting comfortably two queen-size mattresses for 8 people.

The tent does offer some specific features which are not commonly seen in other typical instant tents. There’s an attached closet with shelves and a clothes bar – a great way to keep your clothes off the floor, especially if you have children.

The fastpitch designed of the Tenaya allows you to set up the entire tent in less than 9 minutes from the moment you take it out of the bag. The flexible fibreglass poles come color coded for easy assembly and are also pre-attached for easy setup.

The Weather Tec system which was designed by Coleman which includes welded, inverted seams on the floor to prevent water from seeping in. In addition, the walls are also made of water and tear-resistant polyester fabric.

A couple other features are the hinged door and protective rainfly which covers the entire tent. You also have a cord port which can be sealed when not in use.

The extra features are small, yet make a big difference for those especially with children.

#6 Core Instant Cabin

Professional Camping Rating: 8.2 / 10

Price Range Weight Capacity Dimensions Waterproof
$$$ 52.5 lbs 12 persons 120 x 216 x 79.2 Yes

The Core Instant Cabin is one of the largest instant tents on the market, thus, if you’re looking for a tent that’ll sleep up to twelve people, then this is a good tent to consider. Though it’s designed to sleep up to twelve people, it can be divided into three separate areas with two removable dividers.

Though, just because it’s a large tent, doesn’t mean that it can’t be taken down quickly and efficiently. Rather the tent can be pitched or taken down within two minutes, preventing you from being stressed out with the typical tent pitching process.

The fibreglass poles are highly flexible and when installed, they provide almost 7 feet of centre height, meaning anyone can stand inside the tent without hitting the roof.

It’s designed with a panoramic top and windows with mesh fabrics that allow proper ventilation, however, prevents insects from entering inside. It also comes with a rain fly which is removable if needed but also will protect you if it starts to rain.

The Core exclusive H20 Block system also aids in preventing water from seeping into the bottom of the tent. With the blend of water bead technology and water-resistant fabric, no water will be able to get in while you’re sleeping.

  • INSTANT SETUP: The tent body with pre-attached poles that lock into place creates a setup time as short as 2 minutes.
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: H20 Block Technology combines water-repellent fabrics with a fully taped rainfly and sealed seams to resist rain.
  • ADJUSTABLE VENTILATION: Lower air intake vents draw in cool air from the ground while the mesh ceiling allows hot air to escape …

#7 Wnnideo Instant Family Tent

Professional Camping Rating: 7.0 / 10

Price Range Weight Capacity Dimensions Waterproof
$ 9.25 lbs 4-6 persons 120 x 94.5 x 57 Yes

The Wnnideo Instant Family tent, though is a large tent, can be easily set-up in under one minute. Usually, larger tents tend to be quite heavy, however, the Wnnideo defies the odds with its lightweight design.

It comes with two large arched double doors and mesh windows for proper ventilation and views. The mesh acts as an insect-repellent, ensuring that bugs stay away from you during the night.

Though it’s easy to pitch up, that doesn’t mean it’s fragile and poor quality. It’s actually quite the opposite. The tent comes with elasticized rain-resistant fabric with wind resistance and UV protection through its engineered design.

It’s designed to sleep 4 – 6 people, however, 6 adults may be too tight. The lightweight feature of the tent makes it ideal for people who want a compact and easy-to-carry tent on their camping adventure.

The features of the Wnnideo make this tent a high-performance tent for those who are looking for durability and quality. In addition, it comes with an easy-to-use storage bag that you’ll be able to store away neatly.

  • This lightweight 4-person dome tent with 2 large D-style door and all sides go all the way to the ground, and it was made out of no transparency material for good privacy so that you do not worry about being seen when you are undressed. This tent is designed with double walls and double doors which not only provide great ventilation but also the double doors could be zippered into walls to avoid breeze blowing through your tent at night.The opaque material not only perform well on black out and …