The Best One Person Tent

Whether you’re camping or backpacking on your own, you’re going to need a proper shelter. However, since you’re travelling solo, there’s no need for you to have a large and bulky tent. Instead, you’ll be looking for a one person tent that’ll be able to protect you from the elements. But with all these different tents on the market, it’s hard to choose the right one. Well, we did the work for you and found the best one man tents on the market.

How to Choose the Best One Person Tent


Regardless if you’re using this as a seasonal tent or year-round tent, you want it to be lightweight. At the end of the day, you’re the one who’s going to be carrying it on your back – literally. And a few ounces can make a huge difference for your backpack.

So, focus on choosing a tent which is lightweight and won’t feel like a burden carrying it. Though, in some cases, do expect that in order for a tent to be lightweight or ultra lightweight, some features will be sacrificed.

If you don’t mind a bit more weight and want a bit more space, you could check out a 4 person tent.


This tent is supposed to suit you and your needs, not the other way around. Now, you need to consider what you’re going to be using this tent for. Is this just for casual use in the summer or year round?

You want your tent to be versatile and offer you features which won’t limit you. Of course, the features you want are depending on the use of your tent.

#1 MSR Hubba Hubba NX One Man Tent

Professional Camping Rating: 9.2 / 10

Price Range Weight Dimensions Type Best Use
$$ 3.07 lbs 84 x 50 x 39 inches Freestanding 1P or 2P

The MSR Hubba Hubba tent has been one of the most popular tents for solo camping and backpacking. Its popularity is completely understandable as it’s a well-built tent. The tent is roomy and extremely durable, being able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as winds and rain.

You may be wondering how can this tent, which is designed for one person, be so roomy? Well, the symmetrical layout and near-vertical sidewalls are what gives the interior its spaciousness. If you’re a solo backpacker, you’ll have plenty of room for you and your gear, though 2 people can comfortably sleep in this tent as well.

The 20-denier ripstop nylon is what gives the tent its tear resistance and durability. The two large StayDry doors come with built-in gutters and a cross-ventilating rainfly which allows proper airflow, however, prevents rain from entering the tent.

The only issue with the MSR Hubba Hubba tent is that it is a bit heavier than the others. So, if you’re able to readjust your weight in your backpack, this is a great option. Or if you can split the weight between two backpackers, then it’s fine. However, if you’re crunched for weight, this may be a little too heavy for you.

  • 3-season, 2-person backpacking tent that offers the most livable accommodations in a lightweight freestanding design. Floor Fabric - 30D ripstop nylon 3000mm Xtreme Shield polyurethane & DWR
  • Pole geometry maximizes space with 29 sq. feet of floor area, interior peak height of 39 inches, plus 17.5 sq. feet of vestibule area …

#2 Nemo Dagger Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Professional Camping Rating: 8.2 / 10

Price Range Weight Dimensions Type Best Use
$$ 3.05 lbs 90 x 50 x 42 inches Freestanding 1P, 2P, or 3P

The Nemo Dagger Ultralight Backpacking tent is one of the easiest tents to use. It’s well-known for its livability and is a great option for backpackers and campers. Though it is a little heavier than other tents, there are a couple of reasons why it made it on this list.

The Dagger has a rectangular floor with a symmetrical ceiling which gives you space and room in your tent. You’ll have more elbow room and usable interior space for either your gear or another person.

The Dagger is also designed with two large vestibules which gives even more room for gear storage, but you will need two stakes in order to set up each vestibule.

The Overhead Light Pockets are designed with a special light diffusing fabric which aids in casting an even glow throughout the entire tent. The dual-stage stuff sack allows the entire tent, including the poles, to be put all together. It also can be split as well if two people are going to carry it.

The only issue with the tent is that there could be a little more ventilation to ease condensation. However, other than that, the Nemo Dagger is well-designed and provides you with a lightweight option for your backpacking or camping trip.

  • ULTRALIGHT & ROOMY - Designed for comfort & livability on any adventure, the Dagger boasts vertical walls, increased headroom, and expert backcountry functionality; Pre-bent DAC Featherlite poles with Jake’s feet maximize volume without weighing you down
  • TWO DOORS & VESTIBULES - The Dagger has more volume for storage than any other tent in its category, keeping your gear dry, protected, and within reach with massive trapezoidal vestibules; 2 large doors allow hassle free entry and exit for both partners …

#3 Big Agnes Copper Spur One Person Tent

Professional Camping Rating: 8.2 / 10

Price Range Weight Dimensions Type Best Use
$$ 2.12 lbs 88 x 52/ 42 x 40 inches Freestanding 1P or 2P

The Big Agnes Copper Spur tent is a great option as it has a well-thought-out design. It’s lightweight, made of durable and breathable fabric and has a spacious interior. What more could you want in a tent?

The canopy is made of double ripstop nylon with a polyester mesh. The fly and floor are made of ripstop nylon that is designed with 25% greater tear strength. The double ripstop nylon also provides 20% greater durability. In other words, this tent was made to last.

The tent itself is light enough to pop into your backpack, however, when unpacked you have a spacious interior where you’ll be able to stargaze through the two-tone mesh which offers privacy as well.

This tent comes with a variety of features for extra comforts such as the double-wall, near-vertical sidewalls, two large doors, and interior storage pockets.

What’s great is that these features are all included, yet do not affect the weight of the tent. This is a three-season tent, so it’ll be able to support you through harsh weather conditions as it’s designed for improved stability and strength.

Overall, the tent is a great option is you’re looking for one that’ll last you through the three seasons and years to come.

  • FULLY REDESIGNED - One of our best-selling, full-featured, ultralight backpacking tents, the Copper Spur HV UL series just got better with new features inside and out, proprietary materials that are stronger and lighter, and hardware that makes setting up even easier
  • AWARD-WINNING COMFORT - New awning-style vestibule expands covered living space; great for both drizzle and sun protection. The double zippers provide multiple access options; great for minimizing wind driven rain or snow getting into your living room. The UL1 features one door and one vestibule …

#4 Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter

Professional Camping Rating: 8.0 / 10

Price Range Weight Dimensions Type Best Use
$ 2lbs 105 x 67 x 51 inches Freestanding 2P or 3P

The Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter is really the tent you need if you’re not interested in any special features or fancy attachments. If you’re going to be camping in the summer, you don’t really need a thick tent as a simple shelter will be of great use.

Now, if you’re looking for a simple shelter, one that doesn’t quite close you off from nature but still gives you some protection, then this is a great option. Essentially, it’s a three-season tarp made of 40d sil-nylon which is waterproof and highly durable.

The underside is made of PU2000mm coating which also acts as a waterproof material. It’s easy to set-up as it comes with two trekking poles which reduce the amount of gear and weight that you have to carry.

It comes with a single zippered door which does limit livability, however, if you’re considering a minimalistic shelter, then this shouldn’t be a huge concern for you as this tent is focused on providing you with a lightweight shelter.

The rear has a ventilation window to reduce condensation and the reflective guylines with tension lock cord adjustment help you secure your tent.

Sometimes, simpler really is better so if that’s what you’re looking for, the Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter is an option to consider.

  • FUNCTION-FIRST: Inspired by a 40-year-old Mountainsmith design, this lightweight backcountry shelter sets up fast with two trekking poles (or properly positioned trees) and offers solid weather protection for two from the elements with its 40d nylon body.
  • STORAGE AND SET UP: Rear panel ventilation window. Sets up with 2 standard trekking poles, 53-inch height at Front and 40-inch height at Back. Two-person layout. Carry and store easily in included stuff sack …

#5 Big Agnes Fly Creek Tent

Professional Camping Rating: 7.8 / 10

Price Range Weight Dimensions Type Best Use
$$ 1.15 lbs 86 x 52/ 42 x 40 inches Semi-Freestanding 1P or 2P

The Big Agnes Fly Creek tent is one of the lightest double-wall, semi-freestanding tents available for backpackers and campers. Its design is similar to the Nemo Hornet since it also has a tub floor design reducing seam construction and seam tape.

The Big Agnes can be used for two-people but is best as a one person tent. The semi-freestanding design does limit the tent as it requires two stakes to pitch it. Thus, if you’re planning on backpacking in rocky terrain, this may not be the best option for you as a freestanding tent would suit you best.

The Big Agnes tent’s fly and floor have 1200mm waterproof polyurethane coating which helps protect you and your tent from any unexpected harsh weather conditions.

The tent body is made of a breathable nylon and polyester mesh, so ventilation is not a problem as you’ll have plenty of air coming in and out.

The tent comes with only one door and vestibule which does limit liveability, however, it keeps the weight down on the tent which is a sacrifice that you’ll have to consider if weight is a concern for you.

Overall, this tent is great for those who are focused on getting an ultra lightweight tent and aren’t overly picky about extra features.

#6 Nemo Hornet Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Professional Camping Rating: 7.4 / 10

Price Range Weight Dimensions Type Best Use
$$ 2lbs 85 x 51/ 43 x 40 inches Semi-Freestanding 1P or 2P

The Nemo Hornet Ultralight Backpacking tent is one of the lightest tents on this list which is great if you’re looking to shave off a couple of ounces here and there from your gear as you know how important weight is when backpacking.

The Nemo Hornet is a double-wall, semi-freestanding tent that comes with two doors and vestibules which is rare with a tent of this weight. Though it’s listed as a two-person tent and can fit two people, it’s best for one person use. The walls are slanted which does limit the space inside the tent, so, it’ll be a tight squeeze for two people.

There are many features that are great about this tent. It comes with light pockets, volumizing guyouts and a watertight compression stuff sack.

In addition, the tub floor designed reduces seam construction and seam tape, creating a more durable tent and the large side doors allow for more protection from the rain and easier access to your equipment.

There is only one drawback and that it’s not a full freestanding tent but rather a semi-freestanding tent which means it requires two stakes at the foot.

So, if you’re planning on camping in the mountains where the terrain is rough, it may be difficult when finding a place to pitch it.

  • THE MASTER OF ULTRALIGHT - The updated Hornet offers unmatched livability and comfort for its weight; NEMO’s patent-pending Flybar volumizing clip adds even more interior volume, while top shelf fabrics and a minimal pole structure make it even lighter than the previous generation
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & LIVABLE - The 1P model’s single large vestibule provides ample dry gear storage; Flybar pole clip adds more headroom and increased stability; Volumizing guyouts connect the inner tent to the rainfly, pulling the sidewalls outward to create more livable space; 1P model has a minimum weight of 1 lb 10 oz, a packed weight of 2 lb 0 oz, and packs down to 19.5 x 4.5 in dia …

#7 Hilleberg Anjan One Man Tent

one person tent

Professional Camping Rating: 9.2 / 10

Price Range Weight Dimensions Type Best Use
$$$ 4 lbs 86 x 39 x 51 inches Semi-Freestanding 1P or 2P

Now, the Hilleberg Anjan is definitely a tent you should consider if you’re going to be backpacking and camping in harsh weather conditions. This tent will be able to withstand almost anything you put it through, though that comes at a price.

It’s not an inexpensive or budget-friendly tent, this tent is best for those who are serious backpackers as you won’t find a higher quality tent than this.

The tent is designed with a classic tunnel shape which is what makes it so wind-resistant. The Kerlon 1000 outer fabric is very strong, though at the same time is lightweight and breathable.

In terms of the interior, you have a lot of space to use, especially with the extended vestibule which adds an additional 74 inches in length to your tent. The tent itself is very long, measuring over 13 feet with the vestibule, so you’ll be able to pitch it in open areas.

Thus, it may be a challenge to even find a spot to pitch it. However, if you want space for not only yourself but for all of your gear and still be comfortable, this tent will certainly not let you down.