The Best 10 Person Tent

Planning a camping trip with your family or a group of friends? Do you need a 10 man tent big enough for your group? Check out our list of the best 10 person tents.

How to Choose the Best 10 Person Tent

Floor Area

When you are sharing a tent with up to nine other people, floor space is essential. If you’re looking for a slightly bigger space it might be worth considering a 12 person tent. Floor area is most often measured in feet squared and the larger the number, the more comfortable and spacious your stent will feel.


If you are planning on hiking with your tent or even just carrying it across the campground, a lightweight tent will make your trip much easier.

Water Column

When choosing your 10 person tent, one of the most important specs to consider is the tent’s water column. A water column measurement defines how many millimetres of water per cm² of canvas the material can hold before a leak occurs. If you are considering an all-weather tent, a high water column measurement is essential.

Additional Features

To ensure your camping trip is more comfortable, the manufacturers have thought up some useful additional features such as 360° windows, floor vents, sealable flaps for electrical cables and gear lofts.

#1 NTK Arizona

Professional Camping Rating: 9.4

Price Range Rooms Floor Area Doors Weight Peak Height
$$ 2 140ft² 2 26lbs 74″

NTK’s Arizona is our top pick for a 10 person tent. It has one of the smallest floor areas of the tents in our list and the lowest peak height but the double doors make the tent very easy to move around in and the lightweight 26lbs makes it very portable. The Arizona has a single room divider to split the tents into two rooms or it can be kept as one large space.

The Arizona’s outer canvas is a 100% waterproof 68D polyester with polyurethane and boasts an impressive 2500mm water column. The rods are fiberglass and are constructed using Nano Fiber technology and a wider-than-standard diameter for improved strength and stability.

Upon close inspection of the tent, it is clean that the materials have been carefully chosen and expertly fitted to create a virtually seamless, watertight camping experience.

To ensure a comfortable trip, the Arizona comes with gear loops and equipment pockets around the tent for safe storage. The rear door can also be stretched into an awning to create a comfortable, covered outdoor sitting space.

Overall, the excellent build quality and clever design of this tent make this a brilliant choice for camping in any season and in any environment.

  • DESIGNED FOR QUICK & EASY SET UP – Fully assemble and disassemble our 10 man instant tent with little to no effort; 2 detachable room dividers and 3 reinforced fiberglass color coded poles.
  • DOUBLE LAYER 100% WATERPROOF RAINFLY – Protect from rain and sun weather the 2500 mm waterproof rainfly provides full coverage on all 4 sides while the heat-seamed thermoplastic offers UV protection …

#2 Coleman Weathermaster

Professional Camping Rating: 9.2

Price Range Rooms Floor Area Doors Weight Peak Height
$$ 2 153ft² 2 31lbs 80″

Coleman’s Weathermaster is a confident second pick for our best 10 person tents list. The tent has a comfortable peak height of 80” and a reasonable 153 square foot floor space. Coleman have positioned the two doors to ensure maximum use of the tent’s inner space.

The entire tent packs up to a very carryable 31lbs. The Weathermaster also comes with a useful room divider to separate the tent into two very usable spaces.

The Weathermaster uses Coleman’s patented WeatherTec™ System of welded floors and inverted seams that keep water out much more effectively than its competitors. The fiberglass poles are very sturdy and insert into seamless, continuous pole sleeves to ensure an easy tent set up.

These poles are combined with Coleman’s Insta-Clip™ Pole Attachment System to ensure resistance against winds up to 35mph. The canvas is constructed with taffeta polyester and the floor is made from 1,000D polyethylene for improved durability.

Coleman’s Variflo™ adjustable ventilation system allows a degree of control to the air flow into the tent and three advanced reverse-angled windows cleverly let in the light and air, but not any rain water.

Overall, the Coleman Weathermaster shows promise with its solid construction and advanced systems for durability and both wind and rain resistance. This tent is sure to stand up to weather of all seasons.

#3 Tahoe Gear Olympia

Professional Camping Rating: 8.8

Price Range Rooms Floor Area Doors Weight Peak Height
$ 1 189ft² 1 23lbs 84″

Tahoe Gear’s Olympia ten person tent is a perfect budget tent for occasional campers. With only 1 door and 1 room, the Olympia is simple but well designed. It has an impressive 189 square foot floor space and a peak height of 84” despite weighing only 23lbs. This makes it a great tent for touring as it is light but spacious.

The Olympia uses a very durable 70D polyester with a 1200mm water column for its outer canvas and the floor is constructed from rugged 120g polyethylene. The Olympia poles seem sturdy yet flexible and are made from fibreglass.

In our tests, the Olympia was the quickest to assemble. This is perfect for putting up a tent in unfavourable conditions or without any assistance.

Tahoe Gear have added some useful features to the Olympia including floor vents for good ventilation and a sealable port for an electrical cable. A favourite feature of ours is the openable roof which when removed leaves a mesh shell and gives stunning 360° views. It feels as if you are camping in the wild but with all of the comforts of a quality tent.

Overall, Tahoe Gear have built a good quality, innovative tent. This tent outshines most of its competitors. If you are looking for a casual-use ten person tent, the Olympia is a brilliant choice.

  • Easy to assemble shock-corded poles and pin-and-ring system allow for quick set up; Generous overall size and easy set up make the Tahoe Gear Olympia the perfect tent for the family or group camp
  • Durable 1200mm polyester tent body is great for getting out in the warm or cool weather; Coordinating 1200mm polyester fly with taped fly seams and polyethylene binding floor helps to provide water resistance in varied conditions; Note: Tahoe Gear tents are made with a high quality fabric for water resistance. Overall water resistance capability will vary by wind, setup and more extreme weather circumstances …

#4 Ozark Trail XL

Professional Camping Rating: 8.6

Price Range Rooms Floor Area Doors Weight Peak Height
$ 3 200ft² 3 33lbs 78″

The first of two Ozark Trail tents, the XL is our favourite from Ozark Trail with a huge 200 square foot floor space and 3 spacious rooms. It has three doors for easy access into the central compartment and the room dividers can be removed to have one large interior space.

The XL gives a good 78” in headroom and despite its large size, the tent packs up into a 33lbs bundle, easily light enough to carry across the campground.

Ozark Trail have used taffeta polyester for the outer canvas and standard polyester for the floor. This choice in materials has saved costs but does not have the same ability to repel water as other fabrics used by manufactures in this list.

Ozark Trail have also opted to use a mix of steel and fibreglass poles which help to maintain the structure of the tent but add to the weight.

The XL features an closable port for an electrical cord and 6 well-placed windows but lacks many innovative ideas seen on more expensive models.

Overall the XL is a great tent but if you’re are looking for better specs, there are better choices higher up in our list.

#5 Ozark Trail Family Cabin

Professional Camping Rating: 8.6

Price Range Rooms Floor Area Doors Weight Peak Height
$ 2 140ft² 1 36lbs 76″

The second Ozark Trail is one of the best 10 person tent on our list is the smaller Family Cabin tent. With only 140 square foot of floor space, the Family Cabin is one of the smallest tents on our list.

Despite the small size, it is one of the heaviest that we’ve compared and features just one door for access into the tent. The Family Cabin splits into two good-sized rooms using a removable divider.

The Family Cabin uses 68D coated polyester fabric for the main outer canvas and a welded tub floor to keep rainwater out. All of the seams are either taped or sealed and it stood up to a night of rain in our testing with no leaks.

Ozark Trail have added a useful gear loft to the Family Cabin for storage of personal belongings and there is also a port for easy access to an electrical cable.

Overall the Family Cabin is a sturdy budget tent but the lack of floor space compared to its sibling, the Ozark Trail XL, mean that it loses out on the 6th spot on our list.

#6 Wenzel Great Basin

Professional Camping Rating: 8.0

Price Range Rooms Floor Area Doors Weight Peak Height
$$ 3 159ft² 1 28lbs 78″

Wenzel’s 10 Man Tent Great Basin dome tent is an innovative entry into our list with divider curtains that split the tent into three separate rooms for sleeping or that can be removed to create one large space.

With a 159 square foot floor area, the Great Basin is a moderately sized 10 person tent but with less headroom for taller campers at a less-than-average 78” peak height.

The Great Basin’s singular door may also prove problematic when sharing a tent between up to 10 people. At 28 lbs, the Great Basin is one of the lighter 10 person tents which makes it ideal for transporting to the campground.

The Great Basin has well designed fibreglass poles which have variable diameters to maximize space within the tent. The canopy of the Great Basin is a simple but light polyester and the floor is welded polyethylene, neither of which will stand up to considerably strong winds or very heavy rain but would suffice for fair-weather camping trips.

Wenzel have added some helpful features to the Great Basin such as the E-Port for electrical cord access and the Lite Reflect™ system that shares light from a lantern across the tent via a reflective panel. The Great Basin also has a large gear loft at the top of the tent and three good-sized mesh roof vents for air circulation.

The Wenzel Great Basin has some useful extra features and is lightweight but the build quality and material choice means it is not the best option for year-round travel.

  • Crafted from the highest quality material
  • Perfect for outdoor and even indoor Use
  • Made in Bangladesh

#7 Outdoor Products Instant 10 Man Tent Cabin

Professional Camping Rating: 8.0

Price Range Rooms Floor Area Doors Weight Peak Height
$$ 2 140ft² 2 35lbs 78″

Outdoor Products’ Instant Cabin is a durable and easy-to-assemble 10 person tent. The Instant Cabin has a small floor area, the joint lowest of all the tents that we have tested. Combined with a heavy 35lbs packaged weight and a not-that-high peak height of 78” the Instant Cabin is beaten on specs by most of its competitors.

Despite this, it does have a useful removable divider to allow for one large living space and also features 6 large mesh windows.

The Instant Cabin uses 68D polyurethane for the main canvas and 125g polyethylene for the floor. In past tests, these materials have proven to be strong but not exceptionally durable. The Instant Cabin has pre-attached poles to allow for a quick set up and take down of the tent. When testing, this was one of our favourite systems for putting up the tent. You might want to also consider picking up some extra tent stakes.

Outdoor Products have added an sealable port for an electrical cable and some useful vents in the floor to assist in the flow of air around the tent.

Overall, Outdoor Products have made a solid tent but we would expect a little more floor area.

#8 Core Cabin

Professional Camping Rating: 7.6

Price Range Rooms Floor Area Doors Weight Peak Height
$ 2 140ft² 2 25lbs 86″

Core’s Cabin 10 person tent has squeezed into our best 10 person tents list. With a small 140 square foot floor area the Core Cabin feels small inside but the 86” peak height is appreciated by the taller campers among us.

The Cabin pulls down to a tiny 25lbs which is ideal for carrying around on a hike or to the other end of a campground. The Cabin makes a good use of the space that it has and divides neatly into two rooms with a thin divider.

Core have included their H20 Block Technology which uses water repellent fabrics and active bead technology for faster and better water runoff. They have also created a smart venting system which helps with airflow around the tent.

The Cabin’s outer canvas feels thinner than other models and our testing showed that it would only be practical to use for good-weather camping.

Core have included a gear loft for storage and a useful flap to insert a power cable.

Overall, Core have produced a tall, if not very spacious tent that is great for portability but less durable than its competitors. It deserves to be included on our list of the best 10 person tents.

#9 Columbia Sportswear Fall River

Columbia Sportswear Fall River - #3 Best 10 person tent

Professional Camping Rating: 9.0

Price Range Rooms Floor Area Doors Weight Peak Height
$$$ 2 150ft² 2 38lbs 84″

Columbia Sportswear’s Fall River 10 person tent is a solid, premium choice for all weather camping. The Fall River has one of the highest roofs of the tents on our list and the 150 square foot floor area is well used to maximise living space.

The main door is large and gives good access to the entire tent and the side door is useful for quick trips in and out of the tent. At 38lbs, the Fall River is the heaviest tent on our list but is also one of the strongest and most rugged. Unlike other tents in this list, the room divider is not removable.

The Fall River uses 150D Polyester with a 800mm water column for the outer canvas. The canvas features Columbia’s patented Omni-Shield water and stain resistant formula to keep the inside of the tent dry and the outside clean. The fabric also dries 3-5 times faster than regular tent fabric, ensuring that your tent dries as quickly as possible.

Columbia have also included a utility port for easy electrical wire access and gear pockets for safe and secure storage of personal items. Another useful feature is the Fall River’s ground vents which distribute airflow from the floor upwards. In our tests, this showed improved airflow throughout the tent.

Overall, the Fall River is a strong, sturdy and well-waterproofed ten person tent. If you want a tent to suit all environments, the Fall River is a great choice.

#10 Mountain Trails Grand Pass

Mountain Trails Grand Pass - #5 10 person tent

Professional Camping Rating: 8.6

Price Range Rooms Floor Area Doors Weight Peak Height
$ 2 170ft² 2 22lbs 76″

Mountain Trail’s Grand Pass is another good choice for a budget 10 person tent. Two large doors provide access to a large 170 square foot floor space divided across two rooms. The room divider can be removed to open up one spacious room.

The Grand Pass is less grand when it comes to peak height reaching only 76”. On the other hand, the Grand Pass is very lightweight. A mere 22lbs makes this tent perfect for hiking or travelling longer distances on foot.

The Grand Pass’ floor is made from a durable welded polyethylene and the canvas is nylon. In our testing, the Grand Pass endured a night of heavy rain with no leaks but it does not feel as durable as some of its competitors.

A unique feature of the Grand Pass is Mountain Trail’s Stow-n-go duffel system which made setting up the tent and taking it down much easier than some of it’s competitors and we found it to be the second easiest tent to set up.

Overall, the Grand Pass is an innovative tent with a good floor area but the materials used for construction means that it doesn’t quite stack up against the competition.